10 Hollywood Leading Ladies That Are Unattractive In Real Life

Women in today’s society are bombarded with the media’s interpretation of what constitutes beauty. It’s been said that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, if every female celebrity our eyes “behold,” is ravishingly attractive, it can be difficult to comprehend that many of the most famous women are, in fact, unattractive in real life. If you are wondering how the rich and famous can be so amazingly flawless and seemingly perfect, read on. The following article will reveal 10 of Hollywood’s leading ladies that are actually unattractive in real life.
Oprah Winfrey


Photo by EXAME.com

1. Oprah Winfrey: Rags to Riches…then back to Rags?

Oprah is well known for being one of America’s wealthiest women of all time. She often reminisces about her humble beginnings and the hard work and persistence it took to get her where she is today. With all that money flying around, she is very fortunate to have access to the best: agents, personal chefs and trainers, makeup artists, and beauty products, money can buy.
What a large segment of the population doesn’t realize, is that if Oprah was walking around amongst us is our own town, we might not recognize her for being anyone famous. That may very well be why she had trouble with an employee at a Swiss Boutique, when asking to see a 38K bag. One blogger made mention that without makeup, Oprah looks similar to the way she did when she played Sofia in the Color Purple. Her face looks older and more fatigued; her eyes have dark circles underneath (bags included,) and her hair is very nappy. She does own a huge collection of wigs, which covers that issue; and her money, fame, and notoriety, covers the rest.

  • gomurr

    How about changing the title to “Leading ladies that look like normal women in real life”?

  • Karl Gilbert

    What a bitter, horrible article this is.

  • sbsieber

    Lady Gaga has most definitely had plastic surgery, which is absolutely okay – just don’t try to pretend otherwise.

  • steve and monique

    No wonder young ladies and boys end up with eating disorders and with a constant feeling of not being “pretty enough” when garbage like this is printed. Nicole Richie used to carry extra weight which she was constantly ridiculed for in stories such as this one so what did you expect? You people have a duty to report in a careful manner, not have every young lady doubting the way they look when they see beautiful women like Tyra etc being described as unattractive. How about you post a picture of the person who wrote this “article” and lets have a go at them? Let’s see how you like it

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    i dont like this article at all!!

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    nice compilation! beauty-lies-in-the eyes-of-beholder apart, i never considered cameron diaz as beautiful even on the camera.

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  • yadveer singh


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    This writer sucks!

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    yeh your are right great comment.in your case you are beautifull from inside and outside i love your smile

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    All cinema celebrities including men could be made MORE ATTRACTIVE for quite sometime due to modern techniques in makeup & plastic surgery.The basic requirements in them are photogenic faces,good figure & lastly money-without these things,it is almost impossible to make (at least females) them attractive.With these, ladies can carry on with their good looks even till 50.

  • Doug

    In my humble, unrequested opinion, Cameron Diaz is the ONLY of these women that is even remotely attractive sans makeup (lesser educated men would say she’s ‘hot’), but for me, hot is an adjective that means temperature and NOTHING else.

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    I’m sorry who is this journalist that wrote this article again because I am just dyyyyyyyying to find out what she looks like. She must be soooooooooo beautiful. Her heart and soul sounds very ugly though. “We’re going on a google hunt”


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    Real and TRUE beauty is on the inside….your character, your integrity, how compassionate you are, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

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    Are they attractive in reel life?

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    The article seems to be more an attempt at further promoting the women listed with heavily made up apologies ! If exposing a few things about alleged attractiveness of these women was the idea, then it is those things that the article should have focused on.

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