15 Hottest 40-plus Female Celebs

These lovely ladies may be getting older but they are still hot.
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Photo by pravo2011

1. Jada Pinkett Smith

The wife of actor Will Smith and 43-year-old mother of Jaden and Willow remains smoking hot. Since her acting debut in 1990, she has appeared in more than 20 films. She’s perhaps most famous for her role as Niobe in the Matrix and its sequels. Although you may recognize her as the voice of Gloria in the animated Madagascar movies.

When she’s not acting Smith also fronts the metal band Wicked Wisdom, which she founded in 2002. The band has opened for Brittany Spears and has appeared at OzzFest. She is of African-American, West Indian, Creole and Portugese-Jewish descent. The combination adds up to a package that is still fine in her forties.

  • JeromeFJ

    Cameron Diaz is an ugly skag.

  • Guest

    Too bad she was married to Tommy Lee, who infected Pamela Anderson with hepatitis C. Hope the same isn’t true of Heather. She is such a classic all American beauty.

  • Guest

    Heather is such a classic all American beauty.

  • odie11

    I’d like to see what some of these women look like without the 20 lbs of pancake makeup and the artificial lighting.

    I would venture to say that some of these women would look nearly so hot. A case in point take a look at Denise Richards in this shot. She certainly doesn’t look all that great, but she is beautiful in real life.

    But the fact is that age takes its toll on everyone, and to pretend that these women are still “hot” when in reality they are aging stars belies reality.

    Look at Madonna, without the makeup, she would scare the devil. Heather Locklear has morphed into a pretty average looker.

    The pic of Selma Hayak isn’t all that great either, showing her age.

    What annoys me about these stories is how pathologically dishonest they are.

    Jennifer Aniston still hot? She’s almost 50 years old, c’mon, give us a break. Cut the BS!!!! Already.

  • odie11

    You mean WAS! She doesn’t look all that great now.

  • spikethedee

    Agree with most of these, particularly Heather Locklear, Salma Hayek and of course, Elle MacPherson. Would also like to add in a vote for Jane Seymour. Well over 40, still totally gorgeous!!!!

  • disqus_DoWwobWXb9

    I think Sandra Bullock, Monica Bellucci and Famke Janssen look the best for their age they are born in the year of the dragon which is known to retain their bloom longer then everyone else.

  • disqus_DoWwobWXb9

    I am also born in the year of the dragon I have a great future ahead of me yay!