8 Celeb Who Need Anger Management

chris brown


Photo by thequeen12352

2. Chris Brown

In 2009, the swaggering star of stage and screen beat-up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, during a domestic squabble that started out as your normal, everyday, two-superstars-screaming-bloody-murder-at-each-other-after-midnight disagreement. Brown, then 20, went into crisis control mode, hiring an emergency PR team and issuing a statement that said, in part, that he was sorry. Nothing screams sincerity like a carefully-worded statement from a team of cold professionals assembled at the last minute, now, does it? Rhianna, bless her soul, didn’t fall for it and filed for a restraining order against her abuser. In 2012, after Brown had three years to soul-search, he flipped out once again when Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts questioned him about the incident. Later on in his dressing room, Brown threw a butt-hurt tantrum, broke a window, tore off his shirt, and left the building. In 2013, Brown, apparently unsettled by the fact that he wasn’t looking enough like a violent psychopath, attacked a photographer and wound up in jail.

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