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Daniel Handler the Author

Daniel Handler was born February 28, 1970 in San Francisco, California to parents Sandra Handler who served as the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the City College of San Francisco and Louis Handler; he has a younger sibling Rebecca Handler, the family was raised with a Jewish background. Daniel Handler attended Lowell High School and Wesleyan University. He was also a member of the San Francisco Boys Chorus, sharing a love for singing with his mother who also sang opera.
Handler’s first three books were published under his name. He made his debut with The Basic Eight; a satirical novel inspired his experiences whilst at Lowell High, and is based on the story of a teenaged girl who commits murder. After several rejections fueled by its dark undertones The Basic Eight was finally published in 1998. Handler’s second book novel Watch Your Mouth is described by him as an “opera in form book”. Watch Your Mouth appeared in book stands in 2000 and is a perverse melodrama that unfolds on an operatic stage, the plot based on a college student’s lustful summer spent with his girlfriend and her morally challenged family. Adverbs 2006 release concluded the pre Lemony Snicket novels. The book contains a series of short stories and is summarized by Handler as “a novel about love — a bunch of different people, in and out of different kinds of love”.

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