14 Hottest Stars With Photo Leak Scandals

Blake Lively 2011 Shankbone 4


Photo by david_shankbone

2.) Blake Lively

The very talented Blake Lively was one of the many on the list of photo leaks, making the Gossip Girl alumni the center of attention in regards to possible nudes. Somebody’s daughter (and currently someone’s mother) was thrown into a photo leak fiasco, yet photos were confirmed fake by her camp after they were released.

However, popular salon reading material OK! interviewed Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis on his opinion… and he begged to differ. “I would say ninety percent it’s an orchestrated attempt or act on her part” said the man responsible for exploiting and profiting from college women for almost a decade. So after this instance of gimmicky press collapsed on itself, it was reported by Huffington Post that she has a clause in her contract that she cannot bare all.

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