Hotties From The Block: 13 Hottest Female Rappers

Planeta Terra - Azealia Banks


Photo by Serjao Carvalho

12. Azealia Banks

Revealing costumes and scandalous dance moves are not all this 23 year old has to offer the world. Her immense talent has drawn numerous fans to her, as have her truthful and deep lyrics. She dabbles in the genre of rap and what is known as indie pop/witch hop. Also known as Miss Bank$ and Yung Rapunxel, this young woman has released hit singles such as 212, Gimmie A Chance, and Venus. Her most popular album, Broke With Expensive Taste was released in 2014. She has collaborated with several other artists including the Scissor Sisters on their song “Shady Love.” Banks, who identifies as bisexual, is also known for ongoing controversy with Iggy Azalea, T.I, and Mitchell Sunderland.

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