17 Talentless Movie Stars We’re Tired of Wasting Money On

Toronto Film Festival 2009-Paula Patton


Photo by Marco Manna Photography

2. Paula Patton: Robin Thicke’s Ex with No Acting Skills

Paula Patton is well-known for her bodacious body, and we must admit, she’s a sight for sore eyes, which is exactly why many men have no problem whatsoever with her poor acting skills. As far as her renowned success these days, she’s mostly known as the woman who left Robin Thicke and never looked back. Her acting skills have never been praised, especially her appearances in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Baggage Claim, both of which didn’t fare as well as producers had hoped for. And although it’s become more apparent than ever that Patton can’t act, what we really need to ask ourselves is did she ever really know how? Have we been too caught up in her good looks to notice that she never was a good actress?

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