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Jessica Tarlov is an American TV star and political consultant. She was born on March 9th 1984 in New York. She started her career by working as a project manager at Merrill Lynch but her big career break was a job at Douglas Schoen as a Democratic strategist in New York. She earned her fame through that job, by appearing on a lot of popular networks.

Height 5 ft 11 in / 180 cm
Weight 58 kg
Build Athletic
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Jessica’s family is also known to the public eye. Her dad is Mark Tarlov, a popular producer who used to be a speech writer for Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger. He was a director of two movies, including his wife’s novel, but he also produced at least 18 of them. Jessica’s mother is Judith Roberts, a screen writer and producer, but also a wine manufacturer. She is an author of a novel called ‘’Simply Irresistible’’ that later on has become a movie.

Mark and Judith, besides Jessica, are parents of another famous star named Molly. Molly Tarlov is Jessica’s younger sister that is famous by her roles in ‘’Awkward’’, ‘’G.B.F’’ and ‘’Everlasting’’, but she has also played a girl named Molly in her mother’s work ‘’Simply Irresistible’’.


Tarlov was born in Manhattan 34 years ago. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and History at Bryn Maws College, where she headed the Tennis club and the Political Science Association. Jessica was very ambitious, so after that she went on to study for a Master’s degree in Political Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science, which she got in 2007.

While she was staying in London she started growing an interest for politics. That’s how she has gotten her idea for Ph. D. So, on top of her Master’s degree in 2012, Jessica got a Ph. D in Political Science and Government, from the same school.


In 2007 right after her graduation, Jessica had a lot of job offers in New York but she knew those jobs wouldn’t satisfy her, so with the support from her family she went back to grad school to get a Master’s degree.

After her Master’s and Ph. D, Jessica started working as a project manager at Merrill Lynch where she was representing her company in a lot of big conferences, including the ones in Paris and Brussels, where she was discussing European Union directives. A year after that, from September 2008 to 2009, she worked as a graduate teaching assistant in the London School of Economics, her own school.

In 2008, Jessica had her first big break. She got a job in New York as a Democratic strategist at Douglas Schoen LLC. That job was major for her. She was advising domestic and international clients on messaging strategies, but also she was managing publications of the company, such as books and opinion-based editorials.

She learned a lot from her boss. Right after her big break, in 2012 in London, Tarlov worked as a Communications and Digital Strategist at the BackBoris organization.  While she was working at Douglas Schoen, Jessica had the chance of showing up on the big screen. She appeared on many important networks and that meant a lot of publicity. From that point on her career was blooming.

Years later, Tarlov once again, came back to her former boss Douglas Schoen and she stayed there for 5 years, until 2017. Her boss was a big role model to Jessica. He thought her a lot about politics but also about the screen. Now, she is a contributor to Fox News, just like Douglas has been.

After that, she started working at Bustle Digital Group as the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight. Bustle Company owns, and Her role was great; she took part in conducting proprietary surveys of young female readership worldwide. A couple months later, after taking the job at Bustle Digital, she agreed to be a regular liberal contributor on Fox News Channel and she was broadcasted on various channels of the network.

Not very familiar to the public is Jessica’s publishing career. She is a writer that has published several works. Her works were published in New York Daily News, Forbes, Daily Beast and Fox News, just to name a few. She took part in authoring a book named ‘’America in the Age of Trump: Opportunities and Oppositions in an Unsettled World’’. In the book, Jessica and Douglas Schoen, her boss, talk about all the problems of the country since Trump has taken over, also discussing events that have caused those problems.

That wasn’t the first piece Jessica and Douglas wrote. In 2014, they wrote a piece about the importance of politics and its center in a work for Washington Times. Douglas Schoen is a political consultant and has a regular appearance on Fox News, just like Jessica.

Personal life

She had been in multiple corporations and had a lot of important roles in them, but she decided to stay in the Bustle Digital Group to this day. Also, she is still a contributor for Fox News where she speaks her opinions on politics freely.

Many people wonder what is going on with her personal life. It has been known that her relationship with her sister is very strong. Her mother and father are very successful, but everyone is wondering if she has a partner.

It is very clear how much a career means to Jessica, because it is apparent that she puts a lot of effort into achieving all her goals, but is it possible that her ambition is taking up too much time that she can’t get a partner?

This question has been a hot topic in the news over the course of a past few years. Many people talk about her relationship with Roman Kuznetsov. He is a Russian taekwondo athlete. Roman was born in 1989, which makes him 5 years younger than Jessica. She regularly posts photos and videos of them together with interesting captions, often about politics. She hasn’t stated that they are friends nor that they are dating. We are only left to wonder. Hopefully she will give a statement about her love life in the near future.

Jessica’s grandparents are Jewish, which makes her nationality Jewish and American. As she is regularly appearing on Fox News, we can hear her opinions on politics loudly and clearly! She is a democrat, because of which she has voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential Elections. She brings her fresh liberal opinions to the conservative ears behind the screens.

As for the looks, Jessica has a beautiful figure with a height of 1.80 centimeters (5 foot 11 inches). She weighs 58 kg, or at least she did the last time she gave that information. She does fitness and yoga, which explains a lot. She has natural dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. A lot of people envy her because of her long legs.

Her net worth is reportedly estimated to be around 800 thousand dollars. Her job as a politics analyst is to detect problems of the politics as a whole, and to forget about the sides of conservatives and liberals. She is doing a great job by spreading the message about the problems in the state through TV but also through her books.

Social media

Jessica has a large following. It doesn’t matter if people follow her because of her opinions about politics, or because they are interested in her love life, one thing is certain – a lot of people care about her.  Even though she doesn’t have an Instagram account at this moment, she has a Twitter account with a large amount of followers – 31 thousand of them.

Facts and Net Worth

Net Worth $800.000
Real Name Jessica Tarlov
Date of Birth 1984.
Place of Birth New York, United States
Profession Political consultant
Facebook Page N/A
Instagram N/A
You Tube N/A
Twitter Jessica @ Twitter
Sex-orientation Straight
Marital status Dating
Children 0
Nationality American
Religion Unknown


She starred in many TV shows that were included in Fox News, but she was also a guest in a few others.

  • 2014 ‘’Huckabee’’
  • 2015 ‘’The Greg Gutfeld Show’’
  • 2016 ‘’Making money with Charles Payne’’
  • 2016 ‘’Stossel’’
  • 2016 ‘’The Kelly Fire’’


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