15 Celebs Who Have Amazing Business Skills

Many famous people do not have a strong enough business acumen to avoid filing for bankruptcy in the future, but some celebrities can actually teach us a lot about succeeding in the business world.
Jay-Z - Oslo Spektrum 2013


Photo by NRK P3

1. Jay-Z

Jay-Z, who is also known as Shawn Carter, has spent more than 20 years honing his personal business empire. Although most performers would be content with a successful music career, Jay-Z has branched out into several entrepreneurial ventures.

Business Ownership

What is the secret to Jay-Z’s estimated personal net worth of $520 million? His music sales play an important role, but they are secondary to smart business decisions. The hip-hop artist has been instrumental in launching multiple companies, including Roc Nation and Rocawear.

Other Impressive Moves

Jay-Z was smart enough to sell Rocawear in 2007 for an astounding $204 million. Additionally, he forged an alliance in 2008 with Live Nation that was worth $150 million. With business moves like these, Jay-Z is certain to remain financially stable for the rest of his life.


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