7 Skinniest Celebs: Are They Beautiful Or Anorexic?


Photo by alexachung
Although we all have our different views regarding what it means to be beautiful, it seems clear that most of us don’t find anorexia attractive. In addition to making people look gaunt and bony, anorexia can have profoundly adverse effects on health that eventually result in death. Despite the debilitating effect that anorexia can have on an individual, however, it seems that many of us-including the stars-struggle with this type of eating disorder. In some cases, stars become skinny enough for us to think they are anorexic even though there has been no official diagnosis. Let’s take a look at seven celebs who have made us wonder whether they’re thin and beautiful-or anorexic and in need of professional help.

1. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a wildly successful and interesting celeb whose list of accomplishments include becoming contributing editor at British Vogue as well as the new spokesmodel for Nails, Inc. Yet while Chung is undeniably beautiful and smart, one wonders if her incredibly thin frame is evidence of anorexia. Some of her fans certainly seem to think so. A while back, Chung posted an Instagram photo in which she appeared with her mother. The dress-which revealed a pair of stunning yet very thin legs-led many critics to argue that Chung is feeding the “thinspiration” epidemic currently keeping teenage women in an obsessive mental place. Chung did a good job of defending herself, arguing that people are different sizes. Yet Chung’s legs-which still appear incredibly small-are certainly cause for concern.


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