6 Attractive and Talented Young Writers

There are many young talented writers out there, but truth be told, very few of them are physically attractive. On the other hand, being attractive is completely irrelevant to what they do. They are writers, not models, and we certainly don’t read their books because they are good-looking, but because they write well. However, there are writers who look amazing and sometimes that is actually the reason why they don’t get enough credibility. This is not right, and we decided to fight this prejudice (we also thought that finding good looking writers would be a fun thing to do.) We have been looking very hard to find young writers who could easily be models. The list is not too long, but you will enjoy it.
Tyler Brûlé


Photo by EbbeSand

Jayson Tyler Brule

Journalist, magazine publisher, columnist and the Monocle editor-in-chief, Jayson Tyler Brulé was born 1968 in Canada. Brule wrote for Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times, Stem and The Guardian. He is currently writing for the Financial Times.


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