Biography of Jojo

JoJo Singing


Photo by Neon Tommy

Early Life

JoJo born Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque was born on December 20, 1990 in Brattleboro, Vermont, United States. The name JoJo was a nickname given to Joanna while she was growing up. JoJo came from a low income family and grew up in a one-bedroom apartment in Foxborough, Massachusetts before moving to Keene, New Hampshire. Her mother was trained in musical theatre and sang in a Catholic church and her father also sings as a hobby. JoJo started singing at the age of two by imitating songs and also listened to her mother while she practiced different hymns.

When JoJo was 6 years old she was offered a record deal which was turned down by her mother who believed that she was too young to take on career in music. At age 7, JoJo appeared on various television shows such as ‘Kids Say The Darnest Things: On The Road in Boston’ with American comedian and actor Bill Cosby. While on the show, she performed a song from singer Cher. She also performed Aretha Franklins hit Respect and Chain of Fools as her audition piece to the television show Destination Stardom. Due to her previous performances she also appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey and the Maury show.


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