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Famous Dex is an American rapper, songwriter and singer. His real name is Dexter Gore Jr. He was born on 6 September, 1993 in Harlem, New York. He became famous after dancing in his friends’ music videos in 2015. A year later he started making his own music, first doing remixes of other artists’ songs, and then producing some of his own.

He also goes by Black Migo Dex because of his African-American origin. His music is labeled as drill-trap rap. Besides having party beats and fun lyrics, as a rapper he is interesting for not promoting violence in his music, but rather focusing on creativity and inspiration behind young people’s lives.

He is famous for his songs Drippy Drippy, Try Me and Bottle After Bottle. His notable mixtapes are OhhMannGoddDamm and Dexter the Robot. After those he signed for Rich Forever Music.

Height 5 ft 11 in / 180 cm
Weight 176 lbs / 80 kg
Build Athletic
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown


Famous Dex was born on 6 September 1993, in Harlem, New York. While he was an infant his family decided to move to Chicago where he spent his whole childhood. He was the fourth youngest of twelve children. He is of African-American, Jamaican, Moroccan, Indian and Canadian decent. His childhood was rough. Before turning one, his half-sister was shot while driving. His father, Dexter Gore Sr. who was in the US Army was arrested for gang related activities when Dex was only four.

Famous Dex grew up in the rough and tough neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago. First he attended Catholic school in Hyde Park, then Hernandez Middle School and Paul Roberson High School. Prior to music, his first passion was basketball which he played up until his junior year of high school. Even though he loved school, his high energy would always get him in trouble.

After that he decided to find a nine-to five job at Lids, but the streets dragged him in and he began dealing marijuana. He would also engage in other criminal activities which led to him being arrested and stabbed six times in his home. When he woke up from four day coma, he decided that he wanted a better life for himself. After eight months of rehabilitation he started doing music. His big family was always supportive of that idea because all of them loved rap and music, in general.

Pamela Winters was Famous’ mom. She was a waitress and a chef in a restaurant. In 2015 she died from a breast cancer which really changed Dex’s views on life.


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After he had decided to move from the streets and pursue music, he first started dancing in music videos of his friends. That brought him decent amount of fame so he decided to change his name to Famous Dex. When he first started doing music he was focused on making remixes of songs from other rappers. Songs that became famous were Kobe by Chief Keef and Try Me by Dej Loaf.

After that he had released his first song Bottle After Bottle that later became a single. A music video for the single was released in 2014. It was viewed more than 197k times. The next year he released another single called Duh Dummy which was viewed more than 300k times in one week.

Dex then decided to release his own mixtape called Never Seen It Coming. The project was extremely successful, having songs like Your Fault and For the Low as the most recognizable. He didn’t stop there because he released another mixtape in 2015 called Dexter’s Laboratory. That project skyrocketed him into mainstream media while his songs Swagg and Hoes Mad became viral on You Tube.

In 2016, he released three remix albums called Drippy, Ohh Mann Godd Damm 2 and Heartbreak Kid. They became extremely successful among younger audience which again brought him a lot of attention. Many songs from albums became noticeable, some of them being My Gang and Yeaaa Yeaaa.

He gained a lot of attention for a song called Drip from my Walk which became popular on You Tube and Instagram. The same year he decided to release another album, this time called Dexter the Robot. With it he became a household name since the album was viewed more than million times in the first week of its release. Mainstream media and musical critics praised his rapping skills and more mature sound.

After that he went on and released an EP titled Different. Songs like Finish Him and All the time are most memorable from it.

Because of his huge success, Famous Dex was offered a record deal with Rich the Kid’s label Rich Forever Music. He was the first artist to ever sign the label. With it he released two mixtapes in 2017. Both of them, The Rich Forever Way and Rich Forever 3, were very successful, producing hits like You Flexing featuring Jay Critch.

Since then he has collaborated with big music names like Rich the Kid, Lil Tracy and ASAP Rocky. By uploading his work on You Tube his fan base was getting bigger by the minute. At the end of 2017 he released Pick it Up, an official single from his debut album called Dex meets Dexter. The single gained a lot of success, entering Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

After that, Dex released his second single called Japan, on 16 March 2018. The album was released a few days later, but the singles for it were released throughout entire year. Famous collaborated with Drax Project, Lil Baby and Jay Critch on those singles.

Besides music, he earns his money by owning a company and by selling clothes on his online store. His net worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars. It is anticipating to only rise since his career is just started.

Personal life

He is in a relationship with a girl publicly known as Baby Mama. Even though they are not married, a couple has two daughters and a boy. Famous Dex was surrounded by controversy after a video of him brutally beating his girlfriend became public.
She sued him and he went to prison for a couple of months. After he came out he apologized publicly.
That caused her to leave him at the end of 2016, but soon after it they got back together. The video affected his business as well. He was supposed to perform at Irvine’s Shocktoberfest music event at University of California. Organizers of the event were criticized for having Dex perform, trying to ban him from the show.
At the end, Dex did perform, knocking down safety barriers which caused the venue to shut down.

He also lost a brand deal with XXL Freshman Class because of the video.

He is famous for drug abuse, impulsive behavior and face tattoos. One of his most famous tattoos is a pink ribbon on his cheek dedicated to his mom and all cancer patients. He is a fan of a cartoon called Dexter’s Laboratory. He took inspiration for his stage name and album title from that show, which caused him some legal issues.

Besides tattoos, he is famous for his height since Dex is one of the tallest rappers in the industry. He has braids which he colors in red, blond or dark blue.



  • 2015 Never Seen It Coming
  • 2015 Dexter’s Laboratory
  • 2016 Drippy
  • 2016 OhhMannGoddDamn
  • 2016 Heartbreak Kid
  • 2016 Dexter-The Robot
  • 2016 Different
  • 2017 Read About It
  • 2018 Dex Meets Dexter

Collaborative mixtapes

  • 2016 Rich Forever Music
  • 2016 Rich Forever 2
  • 2017 The Rich Forever Way
  • 2017 Rich Forever 3
  • 2018 Rich Forever 4


  • 2015 2 Times
  • 2015 Drip from My Walk
  • 2017 Pick It Up
  • 2018 In the Bank
  • 2018 Japan
  • 2018 Light

Facts and Net Worth

Net Worth $0.5 million
Real Name Dexter Gore Jr.
Date of Birth September 6th, 1993
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Profession Rapper
Facebook Page Famous Dex @ Facebook
Instagram Famous Dex @ Instagram
You Tube Famous Dex @ YouTube
Twitter Famous Dex @ Twitter
Sex-orientation Straight
Wife Married
Children 3
Nationality American
Religion N/A


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