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Herschel Guy Beahm IV is an American gamer, streamer and Internet personality. He was born on 10 March, 1982. In the virtual space he is better known under his alias Dr DisRespect. He is famous for playing games like H1Z1: King of The Kill, Fortnite, PubG and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

He had started his career on a platform called You Tube where he would present himself as Dr DisRespect, but changed his profession after Sledgehammer Games hired him for the position of a Community Manager. Because of that he discontinued his You Tube channel.
On 1 March, 2012 he was promoted into a Lever Designer. During that job, he helped to create multiplayer games for Call of Duty “Advance Warfare”.

He attracts a lot of attention because of his characteristics looks, as well. While playing games he has a long black wig, tactical vest, black sunglasses and mustache. Besides that, he is 6, 8 feet tall. His fans love him because of his signature catchphrases like “Violence. Speed. Momentum” and “I am on top of the mountain, and I’m only halfway up!”

After working for Sledgehammer Games for more than 3 years, he announced via Twitter that he was going to resign from his job and focus on his Twitch and You Tube channel again. He has 2.9 million followers on Twitch.

Height 6 ft 8 in / 203 cm
Weight 150 lbs / 95 kg
Build Athletic
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


People don’t know anything about him before his life on the Internet. Any information about his childhood, parents and early life is unavailable except for his education. He went to Polytechnic University Pomona in California, U.S. While he was on college he played Division II NCAA basketball.


When he first started playing video games he called himself “Diarrhea Panic”. He decided then to change his name into DisRespect and later on to Dr DisRespect. He created his character because he played Halo 2 and Xbox where he could communicate with other players via proximity voice chat.

Guy decided to showcase how every gamer thought he looked while playing video games. Because of that and because he was good at playing and entertaining people through the voice chat, he created a character that looked like a wrestler with black mustache and sunglasses.

After adding some finishing touches to the character, he and his friends began posting videos on You Tube on January, 2010. He played Call of Duty on his channel, mostly. Just a year later, Beam stopped posting videos on the platform and never went back to it.

Around that time, Sledgehammer Games offered him a spot of a Community Manager at their company. He decided to take it and was later promoted into a Level Designer, where he created different maps for Call of Duty.

While he was working for Sledgehammer Games, he joined, then called Streaming was something he enjoyed a lot, so he decided to resign from his position as Level Designer in 2015, explaining that he wanted to focus on his other interests.

After he had stopped working for Sledgehammer, he didn’t have a job and decided to move his family to Washington where he would work on World of Tanks. Around that time, Beahm was approached by Boom.TV investors who offered him to be their consultant.

That worked out well for him, because he got 25 to 30 thousand views per stream. He works from Monday to Friday for 6 to 8 hours. He has an online feud with another streamer, Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar, but in real life they are good friends. Guy says that Lazar is an inspiration for him, while their rivalry is great for the job.

Beahm is always trying to upgrade his gaming choices and his characters. Because of that he was extremely popular at TwitchCon where he helped to fill out an arena that held some of the best players in the world.

Even though he had gained a lot of following because of his battle royal games, he got passed by a gamer called Ninja on the platform. That didn’t stop Beahm’s fans to call him “Face of Twitch”.
During 2017 he decided to take a break from streaming to save his marriage. The same year he got an ESports Industry Award for “The Streamer of the Year” and The Game Award for “Trending Gamer”. He returned on 5 February, 2018, gaining more than 380 thousand viewers.

Personal life

Guy Beahm is an extremely private man when it comes to his personal life. Thanks to his Twitter and Twitch posts his fans are able to know a few things about him.

On 30 October, 2014 he became a father after his little girl Alana was born. On December the same year, Guy posted a video on his Twitch account where he explained that he was going to take a break from streaming because he needed to work on his marriage, since he had cheated his wife and she wanted to divorce him.

Two months later, he returned to streaming together with his wife who created a character Mrs Assassin. Guy explained in an interview that his family still suffered consequences of his bad behavior, and that his wife needed professional outlet which she found on Twitch.

Guy Beahm is 6 feet 8 inches. It is estimated that he earns around ten thousand dollars per month.

Facts and Net Worth

Net Worth $0.9 million
Real Name Guy Beahm
Date of Birth March 10st, 1982
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession Gamer
Facebook Page Guy Beahm @ Facebook
Instagram Guy Beahm @ Instagram
You Tube Guy Beahm @ Instagram
Twitch Guy Beahm @ Twitch
Sex-orientation Straight
Wife Married
Children 1
Nationality American
Religion Unknown

Photo: PUBG n8bit  / CC BY SA 4.0


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