Hot And Shy: 10 Hottest NHL WAG’s With Impeccable Pasts



Photo by Flickr
One of life’s few certainties is that National Hockey League players have smoking-hot wives and girlfriends. From models, Grammy award-winners, to up-and-coming television personalities, the NHL’s WAG list is impressive to say the least. While it may be cold on the ice, it’s sure to be hot when these players get home to their gorgeous women. This article will showcase the hottest WAGs in the land along with their impeccable pasts. Hold on to your shirt.

1. Petra Volakova

Married to Patrik Elias, New Jersey Devils

Native Czech Republican Petra Volakova was relatively unknown before she met her future husband Patrik Elias in New Jersey. However, the couple has been inseparable since. Volakova’s said to have a heart of gold and is as equally sweet as her smile.

Elias fell in love with her during a major health risk in which he almost died. In 2005, he contract Hepatitis A and spent more than a month in the hospital. He lost over 30 pounds and thought he would never play professionally again. During this time Volakova visited him every day religiously until he got better. Because Volakova stood by her man, he proposed and they were married within two years. They have one child together, born in 2010.


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