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14 Hottest Stars With Photo Leak Scandals

14 photo leaks of people you think you know.

On August 31st, 2014, some of the worst case scenarios of internet entitlement collided with well known humans. Known as The Fappening (“fap” being slang for masturbation), almost five hundred private photos were stolen through a security breach through Apple’s iCloud. So with war, ISIS conflict, and racially motivated assaults in the United States reaching global news, hackers targeted celebrated people over a lengthy period of time as if their jobs effected how we’re taxed on goods or if their decisions had a significant effect how our country is operated. Whether posing as a weak argument regarding their occupations being the source of the stalking (“don’t become a celebrated person”) or shaming the subjects for doing whatever they’d like with their personal life, it started as a thread on a website, it apparently spoke for a website, then became it a national news topic for weeks to come. Here’s a look at some of the people involved that you do not know personally.

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1.) Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award winning actress that will be known as a great role model to many across the globe. She’s helped carry a gigantic film franchise with her talent, proving in box office numbers that more people love to see women kick ass than all of their favorite action stars from the 80’s in a series of features. Given her young age, this is only the beginning of her great career.

Thankfully, she won’t be remembered as the center of The Fappening, a person targeted by an anonymous group taking advantage of a security breach in iCloud. It probably wouldn’t have happened if it was one of the hacker’s sisters, daughter, mother, or wife, because they would have questioned their motives regarding photos with no intent of surfacing to the public. It raised the topic of sex crimes, so anyone familiar with criminal psychology understands that she almost apologized (like many) for her stolen photos… giving you the context of how severe the situation was. The silver lining to the story is that she didn’t apologize and the information was handed to the FBI.
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2.) Blake Lively

The very talented Blake Lively was one of the many on the list of photo leaks, making the Gossip Girl alumni the center of attention in regards to possible nudes. Somebody’s daughter (and currently someone’s mother) was thrown into a photo leak fiasco, yet photos were confirmed fake by her camp after they were released.

However, popular salon reading material OK! interviewed Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis on his opinion… and he begged to differ. “I would say ninety percent it’s an orchestrated attempt or act on her part” said the man responsible for exploiting and profiting from college women for almost a decade. So after this instance of gimmicky press collapsed on itself, it was reported by Huffington Post that she has a clause in her contract that she cannot bare all.
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3.) Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy had a photo leak scandal in 2014. Considering she’s posed in Playboy on numerous occasions in the past twenty years… it’s imagined that a person would have only seen less photoshop and more camera grain. It’s much like a photo scandal, minus a scandal because photos of her naked body already exist. Actually, it may be the most “internet” thing on the internet, because there is absolutely no need for it in real life. Stop it. It’s unnecessary, there’s enough of it already, and she’s with Donny Wahlberg from NKOTB. If she had never posed nude, damage control would on par with claiming doctors are wrong for vaccinating (at some point of your life) then becoming the face of something you don’t stand behind. Sadly, the internet is forever and many are (unfortunately) slaves to their own words.Jessica Alba (#74306)Photo by mark sebastian

4.) Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s photo leak would have made sense if she was sending you or your teenage friends off to bomb villages during the Vietnam War, but in context of her being a mother and being known for her work in a batch of Fantastic Four films… so it’s ridiculous that a photo “leak” happened to her as well. However, her photo wasn’t even a leak, as it was promotional materials for a film published in Playboy. Jessica’s situation was also different in the fact that revenue gained from her photos were donated to two of her favorite charities, showing where she stands as a human and how far shame can drive someone to correct a wrong decision. Since then, she’s remained on Maxim magazine’s “Hottest Women” list since the beginning of time and possibly for the rest of eternity.
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5.) Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the surprising leaks. Why? Because she would hit you in real life if she knew you did it. She’d hit you square in the jaw and she wouldn’t even bat an eyelash. Two hits… Demi hitting you and you hitting the ground. Don’t bother with an ambulance… just book a funeral home instead.

Anyway, Demi Lovato is one of the many that have had photos pop up online. With no confirmation from her or Wilmer Valderrama, the only reason for their association with the photos is due to her tattoos and people looking like them. The only hint that implied interest regarding the matter was a message in Spanish stating “I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me.” from her Twitter account. That’s right everyone, this is journalism in modern times… in one hundred and forty characters.
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6.) Ariana Grande

With cat ears and a voice of an angel, it isn’t surprising that human turds from the internet crawled out of the sewers to tarnish her Nickelodeon image. Considering how evil some can be with a tool that should be used to share information and communicate with strangers abroad… it’s surprising that some waited until she was an age of legal consent to harass the young talented woman. Thankfully, this didn’t happen regarding real leaked photos, but an Instagram selfie raised some eyebrows regarding an object that looked like a dildo on the floor. She addressed that object was a powerstrip, then re-iterated on the fact that it was used for charging or powering electronic devices… mostly due to the fact she was speaking to the internet.
Vanessa HudgensPhoto by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

7.) Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is well known for her work in High School Musical and her serious turn in Spring Breakers, but she was thrown into some serious controversy regarding leaked photos when she was only 18 years old.

The Good: She almost didn’t apologize (why should she?) for the private photos stolen from her.

The Bad: She was going to get dropped from High School Musical 3 if she didn’t apologize.

The Ugly: She was publicly shamed for photographs that were stolen and distributed to the public.
RihannaPhoto by cvrcak1

8.) Rihanna

Rihanna has worked with every major recording artist in the past decade, so the thought of her appearing nude in a music video wouldn’t be a foreign thought. However, a photo leak regarding anything but nudes came to surface regarding a dispute between Rihanna and her then boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris Brown left Rihanna’s face bloodied and bruised after an altercation in a car, but the drama didn’t stop there. The LAPD photos surfaced on TMZ and may have been leaked to the source by police officers. What’s the verdict? The LAPD wanted to serve protection regarding the identities involved, but the real crime is Chris Brown having a career after the event. Why? Because these words are harmless and he’d be collecting his teeth if incarcerated (even inmates know better than to hit a woman.)
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9.) Christina Hendricks

She’s in the hit show Mad Men and she’s married to a Super Trooper, so what’s to dislike about her? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was a slew of fake nudes released from her hacked phone, but they may have been planted by a Ryan Gosling fan because she almost got him killed in Drive.

Although the Ryan Gosling fan bit isn’t confirmed because I made it up, it does accurately show the alternate universe of what some hackers believe or want to believe. So congratulations hacker! The hacker has won nothing and their personal life remains a void of nothingness revolving around the invasion of privacy of a lady on television. It’s not being hard on the hacker, but the act was obviously done to harm someone they didn’t know. Better luck next time as there is less of a chance than there wasn’t the first time.
Scarlett JohanssonPhoto by EyesOnFire89

10.) Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has the best photo leak story strictly due to the justice served in the end. Scarlett had photos leaked from her phone, which were then placed online along with a handful of other A-list clientele.

Fun Fact: The man knew none of them. He stalked them and even sent emails from their contact’s email addresses (posing as people that knew them.) He destroyed two lives of women he knew in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Thankfully, he was caught and sent to prison for ten years due to illegally wiretapping phones and hacking the online accounts of the A-list clientele he did not know including the women he did know and harass.
Kirsten Dunst - On The Road Cannes PhotocallPhoto by ChrisBravoTown

11.) Kirsten Dunst

She’s been the star of Sophia Coppola’s greatest films, Spiderman’s love interest, and kissed Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire before she could drive a car. These things may have been some of the reasons why she was involved in “The Fappening”, due to being an incredible talent with a career spanning for decades. She eloquently spoke of the matter as civil as possible in regards to handling the situation, with a slice of pizza and a pile of dookie as an emoji referring to iCloud’s treatment of the matter.  This source many not be reliable, but her Twitter response is as good as gold. Go get ’em Kirsten.
4Photo by Kooroshication

12.) Kate Upton

Kate Upton is known for her work in Sports Illustrated, but what put her photo leak in a different category was that they concerned a professional athlete in them as well. If anything the situation brought up the glaring double standard between male and female leaked photos and possibly of why the photos existed in the first place. Considering work relationships, time zones, and outrageous work schedules… how do sane human beings keep a long distance relationship healthy? One battling jet lag on a fifteen hour shoot isn’t as glamorous as it sounds and the same can be said after three back-to-back baseball games in a day followed by a press conference. So before being overridden with guilt regarding the matter, it would be better to take in consideration that they’re human beings with sane emotional needs… then consider the consequences of hacking private information before Kate Upton’s attorney goes after you.
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13.) Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook’s photo leak was part of “The Fappening” as well, so her claims of “the only nudes photos you’ll ever see of me are the ones that I ‘leak’ and the ones I have my head superimposed on” almost provoke the worst of the internet to fire back. It’s playing with fire and Googling her name with former fiance David McIntosh shows the damage. Also, to put some British tabloids into perspective, they can be the internet in the worst way… as some people are seemingly doing aggressively crazy and borderline dehumanizing things for attention. Maybe a nude photo leak one day, maybe dressing up like a clown at a hospital (unannounced) the next, then maybe eating dog food at a bat mitzvah after that. It gets really weird, really quick if you keep track of it. For a better example, it’s sometimes like Susan Boyle on UK’s Got Talent. Everyone is trying to be Susan Boyle all at once and out-Susan Boyle each other all the time… like a non-stop reality show or Hell or something.
AmberPhoto by modenadude

14.) Amber Heard

Amber Heard knows more about cars than you and she’s probably a better shot as well. She’s married to Johnny Depp now and he’s done about five Pirates movies… so he’s probably sick of the pirate puns regarding the photo leaks of his wife. She’s done some incredible film work, proving in her work (and her lifestyle) that women can be badasses without feeling forced or identifying “bad assery” with a gender. It’s also worth noting that Johnny Depp wore her engagement ring for a period of time.