Lust Runs Their Lives: These 7 Stars Are Addicted To Sex

Tiger Woods


Photo by Keith Allison
We find ourselves surprised when we discover that the most hardworking, wealthy and successful people sometimes have the least self-control. But basic instincts are the most difficult to control. These celebs are known to have let libido and lust run their lives.

1 ) Tiger Woods

When we first heard the news that Tiger was cheating on his wife, it was hard to believe.
This golfer was considered a role model – had a remarkable professional and personal life, he was happily married and gladly donated his money to charity.
Then we discovered that Tiger had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, and by the end of 2009, dozens of women claimed that they had sex with him. In April 2010, he publicly admitted that he went through a 45-day therapy to deal with sexual addiction.

2 ) Charlie Sheen

Charlie is known for his bizarre claims that “tiger blood” runs through his veins and that “he always wins”.
In addition to the drug problem, he had numerous affairs.
In fact, in 1994, during the trial of the most famous American “madam” Heidi Fleiss, Charlie admitted that he spent $53,000 on prostitutes. Although he never openly admitted that he had problems with sexual addiction, numbers speak for themselves.


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