These Are The Weirdest Phobias And Fears Of World Famous People

Tyra Banks


Photo by andy_57
You would not believe what world famous actors and musicians are afraid of. See who is afraid of pigs, butterflies, dolphins… Discover who has a fear of the dark, and who, believe it or not, has a fear of feet.

1 ) Kelly Osbourne

She has spent her entire life under the spotlight, but still has a phobia of being touched by someone. Think of all those people she had to deal with.

2 ) Tyra Banks

Back to her childhood, Tyra had a fear of dolphins, but she bravely faced the phobia in her show and was filmed swimming with them.

3 ) Keanu Reeves

Is he traumetised by the time he spent in “The Matrix”?
– I’m afraid of the dark. But as for real – said Keanu.


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