14 Beautiful Women of Reality TV

The following are 14 of the most beautiful women in reality TV.

Ali Fedotowsky


Photo by enzer_flicks

1. Ali Fedotowsky

Born Alexandra Elaine Fedotowsky, Ali began her television career when she was cast on The Bachelor series in 2010. Along with the 24 other women, she sought the affections of pilot Jake Pavelka. The blonde beauty later became the star of the Bachelorette. In the season finale she became engaged to Roberto Martinez. In November 2011 the couple ended their engagement. Fedotowsky eventually moved to San Diego where she became part of the Fox news station as a correspondent. She was also a host on the lifestyle show, 1st Look. Fedotosky has since continued to build her career as a television personality. She was part of the live judging panel for Miss USA in 2012 and has also worked for E! News. In February on People.com, Ali was was quoted as saying that she loves to eat pasta for breakfast. She stated that this way she won’t deprive herself of it and can burn it off all day.


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