Hotties From The Block: 13 Hottest Female Rappers

Rap has for so long been a male dominated industry. From Eminem to Whiz Kalifa and Chris Brown; rap has been controlled by males. However, there are many talented, intelligent, and sexy women who have made themselves a name in the genre. Nikki Minaj and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Lil Kim for example are all strong beautiful women who were able to break into the industry and garner cult followings. From the 90’s to now here are 13 of the hottest female rappers.

charli baltimore


Photo by CTruth13

13. Charli Baltimore

This America born two time Grammy nominated rapper falls at number 13 on the list. Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1974, Baltimore for her two big albums: Cold As Ice and The Diary (You Think You Know).  She broke into the music scene in 1995 after being signed with Untertainment, a new record label at the time. In 2003 she was nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Rap Solo. In 2008 she re-signed with her label and confirmed the re-sign on the Wendy William show where she also promised fans a new album called True Lies. However, this album remains unreleased. Since then, she has appeared on several singles with other artists and broke into the world of acting, appearing in several movies. To many, she is known as a bombshell that rocked bright red hair. She is known for crazy fashion choices and unique hair which helped give her a name in the music industry along with her talents.


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